Lucy in Love: Scene Seven

Lucy lay in bed in Vinny’s apartment in Manhattan’s Inwood section. He slept alongside her. Lucy beamed at the memory of a great evening. Vinny was the first man she ever met who believed that sex was something to be enjoyed by both partners. She had never experienced an orgasm with her three husbands and tonight she had two.

She had worn a slinky red dress and exotic underwear, clothes that would have gotten her burned at the stake in the 1500’s. In Chinatown, they dined on steamed vegetable dumplings, Szechwan shrimp, and Hunan chicken. Afterwards, they bought a bottle of wine and went to Vinny’s apartment.

Vinny, divorced and without any children, faced one of life’s turning points. Next month, he would have twenty years with NYPD and he planned to retire, but wasn’t sure what to do after that.

Her mood shifted when she thought about Alex and the problems with his loan venture. She wanted to stay here and spend more time – a lot more time – with Vinny, but this assignment was about to end. Tomorrow, when Satan found out that Michael harassed Alex and that Alex handed out loans to dubious clients, they would both be back in Hell. Her only chance to remain here was to convince Satan that the operation failed because of Alex’s intransigence in following a woman’s advice. But, how could she persuade him to let her run the loan business? If she explained how to operate it successfully, his instinct would be to put another man in charge.

She pulled the blankets up to her chin. Face it. Tonight was her last night on Earth. Nothing was going to change that. Maybe she should wake up Vinny and have some more fun. It would be her last opportunity for at least another millennium.

A sudden idea made her sit up in bed. Her mouth dropped open in surprise. If the boss let her stay here to run the operation, maybe she could have another child. The thought of motherhood brought a flood of emotions she hadn’t felt in so long she forgot she had ever experienced them.

The possibility of another child fortified her determination to stay here. She had to convince Satan that modern times called for modern methods, like women in charge. If it worked, she had a shot at true love, happiness and motherhood; a combination worth fighting for.

She ticked off on her fingers what she wanted from Satan tomorrow. First, permission to run the loan business according to her original design. Second, no male supervision. Third, at least forty years on earth.

Now, that was a set of objectives worth fighting for.

Just in case she was unsuccessful in reaching her goals, she shook Vinny’s shoulder.


To be concluded

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