Convolution: Book 4 of the Zaftan Troubles is now available.

The story continues:

The book blurb for the Zaftan Troubles is: An alien mining ship discovers a planet loaded with rare earth minerals.  The aliens, known as zaftans, plan to fill their ship with the mined minerals.  Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by intelligent beings: humans, dwarfs, elves, halflings and other fantasy races.
 But what could possibly go wrong with a simple mining operation on a planet with primitive natives?
For Book 4, the book blurb reads: Four high-ranking ministers are dispatched to the rural area.  Two are intent on achieving peace and two have other agendas.  The ministers arrive just in time to observe a crucial confrontation between MacDrakin’s ragtag forces and the technologically advanced aliens.
Now what will happen?

All four books are available from Amazon, B&N, Ibooks, Koboand other ebook sellers

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