Need a Story Idea? Time-travel!

My wife and I time-traveled to Camelot a few times and greatly enjoyed the adventure.

However, this Camelot isn’t the one you’re familiar with: this Camelot is in a nearby parallel universe. These visits led me to write the novels Moxie’s Problem and Moxie’s Decision.
We had so much fun in Camelot we decided to go there again, but this time, we stayed in Usca, a small country neighboring Camelot where Queen Moxie rules.
We learned that the Queen faces a few unusual problems:
A tribe of unruly Picts migrates down from the north and settles on open land adjacent to Usca.
Oberon, King of the Forest Fairies, claims a large portion of Usca’s northern forests.
Moxie’s only child, her nine-year-old daughter Aethelwine, refuses to become the next Queen. Instead, she wants to become a professional football player.
Sir Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table and Britain’s worst poet, exiled by King Artie, stays in Moxie’s castle where he’s composing an epic poem about Camelot, much to the King’s dismay.
Moxie wants to wage war on both the Picts and the fairies. She borrows a reluctant Merlin to help fight the magic of Oberon.

All these fascinating tidbits lead me to write about these events. The new book is called Queen Moxie and it addresses this question: Can Moxie cope with all these problems and still preserve her Queendom?
All three novels are available in print and ebook at Amazon, B&Nand other online book stores.

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