Queen Moxie

Queen Moxie is the third book in my Moxie series.

This one takes place ten years after the conclusion of Moxie’s Decision. Like the first two, this one takes place in Camelot, but a Camelot in a parallel universe.

Moxie’s peaceful queendom is threatened by a tribe of warlike Picts who migrate from north of the Roman wall to empty land just outside Moxie’s border. Moxie’s attempts to contain the Picts forces her to confront forest fairies who claim a large chunk of her land.

To counter the magic of the fairies, Moxie borrows Merlin from Camelot, but her demands on the wizard exceed his capabilities.

Events move toward a three way scrum between Moxie, the Picts and the fairies unless someone can unravel and solve the basic problem.


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