Wotan’s Dilemma

This quest story is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy story and is a retelling of the ancient Rhinegold myth.

The adventure takes place in a future Dark Ages with the usual fantasycreatures replaced by aliens. This comedy has beautiful Valkyries, magical gold, quantum electronics, aliens, a murderous god and great heroes.

The main fantasy story concerns the Valkyrie, Brunnhilde and her quest to understand mortal love. For defying her father, Wotan, she is exiled to Midgard as a mortal and put into an enchanted sleep atop a mountain surrounded by a ring of fire.

A separate story line involves a struggle to possess and control the magical horde of gold known as the Rhinegold. The Rhinegold is discovered by an exiled alien genius named Alberich. He transforms the gold into quantum electronic devices of immense power. Another alien, a notorious criminal named Fafner, steals the devices from Alberich.

Without the Rhinegold, Wotan and the gods will age and eventually die. Wotan is desperate to regain the Rhinegold as is Alberich. Alberich and Fafner have a series of bizarre confrontations. Meanwhile Wotan develops an old-fashioned hero to recover the Rhinegold. Wotan’s hero, Siegfried, is strong of arm and weak of mind.

Eventually, Siegfried ends up with the devices and rescues Brunnhilde from an enchanted sleep.

Siegfried is soon murdered because of the devices and Brunnhilde seizes them. Brunnhilde decides the Rhinegold has caused enough bloodshed and she destroys the devices.

Brunnhilde then continues her quest to find mortal love while Wotan and the gods head for the Ancient Gods Retirement Home.

With the Rhinegold no longer a source of contention, Fafner and Alberich join forces to conquer the world.

Watch the trailer: http://youtu.be/rlifFLgT1Js



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