Complete Self-publishing Guide

The Complete Self-publishing Guides consists of a boxed set of all four ebooks in the series

Self-publishing is a complicated process. This boxed set of books de-mystifies the process.
The books will give a reader a good understanding on the right way to self-publish a book. The right way is to produce a quality book package to surround the content. In addition, the books provide valuable information on the marketing and business sides of being an author.
The books are written by a self-published author who shares his experiences — both good and bad — with writers interested in gaining an understanding of the complicated processes of self-publishing, book marketing and the business of being a published author.

The goal of self-publishing a book is to produce a quality book package to hold your content. Despite what you read on the internet, self-publishing isn’t easy. There is a lot involved in understanding the self-publishing process and it is quite easy to self-publish a book the wrong way.

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This boxed set of ebooks explains the self-publishing process and much more.

There are four ebooks in the set.

* Self-publishing a Book: describes a process to get a book published.
* Marketing Plans for Self-published Books: covers basic book marketing strategy and tactics.SelfPub_Box2
* Manage Your Self-publishing Project: Uses a project management approach to graphically illustrate the dual, simultaneous processes of publishing and marketing your book.
* Business Basics for Authors: provides an understanding of the business issues facing new authors.
The boxed set provides the new author with a solid grounding in the self-publishing process and associated issues.
Yet another potential problem is this. The internet swarms with scam artists searching for new authors who may not have a complete understanding of the ins-and-outs of publishing and marketing. The scammers are after the author’s money and use slick websites to mislead the author. The more the new author knows about publishing and marketing, the less likely he is to fall prey to these scam artists.
The Complete Self-publishing Guides boxed set is much less expensive than buying the four books individually.