Manage Your Story Design Project

Manage Your Story Design Project gives you an innovative way to control the development of a work of fiction.

It uses mind maps to provide a graphical layout that allows a manageyourstory simple visual representation of complex ideas. It provides an easy method to monitor story development using a proven story design process. See instantly if your design elements have all the necessary ingredients.

This book represents a unique approach to fiction writing. It encapsulates the entire stiry design process into a series of annotated mind-maps. Each major element of the story design process has a mind-map. Each bubble in the mind-map has a note attached to it. The note may be a sentence, a paragraph or several paragraphs.
The purpose of the book isn’t to teach story design, rather, I picture it as an aid when you are creating a work of fiction. Print out a copy (it isn’t that big) and keep it open when you’re working on design element such as character building or designing a scene. When used this way, it will be an invaluable resource.