Story Design for Middle School Students

Coming Soon

This short book has a single purpose; to give Middle School students a process that can be used to write a short story.

The process can be used over and over and is in fact based on the process I use to write my stories including complete novels One of the biggest obstacle facing someone who wants to write a story is coming up with an idea for the story. In this book, I will provide the idea for the story. It’s one that will resonant with Middle Schoolers and will get them to want to write this story.

This ebook takes advantage of new developments in the publishing industry. In addition to the text, it also includes graphics, audio tracks and video clips. Consequently, it can be viewed in old-fasioned text readers. I requires an advanced app like Ibooks in order to use all the features. In Ibooks, you can also highlight parts of the text if you wish.


This ebook, when available, will be a free download