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Below is a very small sampling of reviews for the books listed in this site.

Complete Self-publishing Guide: Self-publishing can be bewildering. While it offers exciting potential, getting a book in print and out into the world
and then attracting readers via marketing can be overwhelming. There are content and editing challenges,
formatting and printing challenges — and managing it all cost-efficiently isn’t easy. That’s why Hank Quense’s comprehensive guide is so valuable. 5 stars


Falstaff’s Big Gamble: Ever imagine Hamlet as a dwarf? How about Othello as a dark-elf? .. You are about to .. naturally there are some trolls throw into the mix, because what is Shakespeare without trolls?  This is an hysterical book that was deeply engaging and fun to read from cover to cover (pixel to pixel as it were). Quence really shows a love and a passion of Shakespeare’s work in this well written and brilliant conceived comedy. I love how he draws the elements of Othello and Hamlet together and keeps you laughing through it all. I’m a big fan of the fantasy genre so this was a real treat for me. 5 stars


Planning a Novel, Script or Memoir: Basically, this book shows you how to actually plan out your story, before you actually start writing it. It tries to get you to think of the big picture, and have all of the big elements fit together first, before you start writing, and get caught up in the minute details and specifics. Think of it this way: You’re going to bake a cake. You turn the oven on, get the cake mix out, read the directions, and then realize that you don’t have eggs, milk, sugar, or a cake pan. So you need to turn the oven off, and go get the other ingradients before moving on. It makes much more sense to get all of the ingredients for the cake ready BEFORE starting on actually baking it, right? This book teaches you not only that you should do that, but also HOW you should go about doing that, to develop your story. 5 stars


Wotan’s Dilemma: Being a huge science fiction fan and a lover of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen I found this book to be an absolute joy to read from cover to cover. Despite the book being short, it is full to the brim with the type of humour of any worthy parody. I have never read any of Hank Quense’s work before but can safely say that I most certainly will do. From the very first page with its apology to Wagner I knew that this was something I was going to enjoy immensely, and did. The only shame being that there were no more pages to read. I read it in the space of three hours and then proceeded to read it again a few hours later. What can I say, I enjoyed it. I strongly recommend this book to those who enjoy reading books that play around with genre and reimagine the stories to feature characters as eight brained, tentacle aliens and the like, with mythology thrown in on top to create something that is almost unique in its approach. 5 stars


Tales From Gundarland:  is one of those books that could easily become a cult phenomenon. I really enjoyed the humor, which was sort of a cross between Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python. Each story was unique and self-contained, but still contributed to the “Gunderland Universe” as a whole. My favorite is still Quense’s retake on Romeo and Juliet. But seriously, who wouldn’t love a book with dwarfs, pirates, and aliens? Hank Quense has created a collection I’d be proud to not only have on my shelf, but would definitely recommend to my friends. Anyone who enjoys off-beat humor should pick up this book. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work. Five bookmarks, for sure! ~5 stars


Manage Your Story Design Project: is a concise, crystal clear, easy to refer road map for all those who aspire to write a book some day. A handy guide book, it lays out the details of developing the story and characters through mind maps. The mind maps are innovatively done and referring to them will ensure that you will not miss out on any detail while planning your story. The design process for a work of fiction has been broken down into a number of steps and helps one to focus their creative energies on the aspects that are necessary and important. The book takes one through the plot path and helps to develop the story without losing focus.Have you always wanted to write a book, but never knew where to start? Well, “Manage Your Story Design Project” by Hank Quense is a good place to find the answers for your entire how, where, when, and why questions about writing a book. 5 Stars